Las Vegas represented in Puppy Bowl

Two of the rescue dogs that played in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl are both from Las Vegas.

"So there’s Kassie, who’s has a little white terrier in her and you’ll see her in all the Puppy Bowl ads. You’ll also see Rufus who is a little black terrier mix in there. It’s good because it’s great exposure for us," said Kathy Jung, President, Nevada SPCA.

90 animal shelters nationwide were chosen for the event which promotes pet adoption.

"Rufus is on Team Fluff, Kasie is on Team Ruff. Rufus does have a habit of when he was practicing to pee on the refs, so hopefully there’s none of that out there on the field today," Jung said.

Animal lovers gather together at the Nevada SPCA for a watch party to cheer on the pups, while also bringing attention to the continued need for area adoptions

"This is a foster dog right here, so it highlights the need for fosters and volunteers," Jung said.

And it’s not just puppies that need love. Senior dogs and those with special needs are also looking for families that can provide tender, loving care.

"Some of them have experienced great trauma, and to see them go to their forever home and be so healthy, and happy, it’s very rewarding," April Chandler, foster pet parent said.

Both Kassie and Rufus already have "furever" homes, but there are plenty of animals at local shelters in need of loving families.

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